Voice Evaluation and Treatment

Hoarseness often sounds breathy, raspy, strained or show changes in volume or pitch. Voice changes can be related to vocal folds of your voice box (larynx). Swelling or lumps on the vocal folds affect the vibration which alters the quality, volume and pitch of your voice. 

There are many causes of hoarseness. You should contact us if you experience:

  • Hoarseness that last 3 weeks or longer
  • You do not have a cold or flu
  • You are coughing up blood
  • You feel a lump in your neck
  • You observe loss or severe changes in your voice that lasts longer than a few days 
  • You experience pain when speaking or swallowing 
  • Breathing becomes difficult
  • Hoarseness interferes with your livelihood
  • You are a vocal performer unable to perform

During an evaluation, we will do a complete ear, nose and throat exam. Microsurgery and voice therapy can be used to treat vocal nodules, polyps and cysts. 


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