Total Ankle Replacement

Ankle Replacement surgery, offered by Dr. Zackary Gangwer, is a advanced treatment option besides fusion for an ankle joint that has been severely damaged by injury or some form of arthritis. When conservative methods of treatment have proven inadequate, joint replacement surgery provides pain relief and also allows motion so the patient can remain functional without putting stress on other joints.

The surgery is done at Faith Regional Health Services in Norfolk, NE.  

During the ankle replacement, Dr. Gangwer removes the damaged bone and cartilage. Next, a prosthetic joint made of metal and plastic parts is implanted. Special cement may be used to hold the new joint in place. All of this takes a few hours and often requires just an overnight hospital stay. 

Your ankle will be in a cast and splint after surgery for a few weeks to help keep your ankle from moving and allow bone to grow into the metal implants.

You may need to use crutches, a walker or a knee scooter for several weeks to avoid putting weight on your new ankle. You usually begin walking 2-4 weeks after surgery.

“Full recovery can take six months to a year. Once you’re completely healed, you can typically expect to walk and move your ankle with little to no pain,” Dr. Gangwer says.