Orthopedic Surgery Technology


Robotic-Assisted Orthopedic Surgery

At Faith Regional, we pride ourselves on offering the safest, most high-quality care possible, which is why we always utilize the latest technology. Robotic technology allows our orthopedic surgeons to provide a joint replacement personalized to you.

How It Works

Our surgeons use robotic technology for total and partial knee replacements. This technology will allow your surgeon to create a surgical plan individualized to your unique anatomy.

It’s important to know that robotic technology does not perform the surgery itself. It is a tool your surgeon uses to assist in precision and accuracy.


The benefits for you of your surgeon performing minimally invasive robotic-assisted orthopedic surgery are:

  • Accurate bone cuts to give you a well-balanced and stable knee.
  • A personalized surgical plan.
  • Feedback during surgery to create a customized total or partial knee replacement tailored to your anatomy.

Why Robotic-Assisted Orthopedic Surgery?

Hear why our doctors are passionate about performing robotic-assisted knee surgery at Faith Regional.

Smart Implant

If you and your orthopedic surgeon work together to determine a knee replacement is needed, you could be a candidate for Persona IQ. Persona IQ is a personalized knee implant that allows secure data about your daily activity to flow directly to your orthopedic surgeon ensuring you receive individualized support.

How It Works

Once a knee implant that best matches your knee is selected, it will track:

  • The range of motion in your knee.

  • Your step count.

  • Your stride length.

  • The distance you walk.

  • Your walking speed.

  • Your cadence.

This data then flows directly to your orthopedic surgeon, so they can determine the best steps for a positive outcome during your recovery process.

Connected Surgical Journey

Count on our orthopedic providers to support you during every step of your surgical experience. The mymobility app allows you to collaborate with your orthopedic surgeon to optimize your health prior to surgery, learn what to expect the day of surgery, and offer guidance after surgery to get you back to the things you love.


The advantages of using this technology include:

  • Easy communication between you and your care team.
  • Exercise tutorial videos to help you strengthen and improve your joint.
  • Education, to-do lists, check-ins, and notifications to keep you on track with your recovery process.
  • Data that flows directly to your care team about your activity levels, possible pain, and progress you’ve made to help your surgeon determine a follow-up care plan.

How It Works

The process of using the mymobility app is simple and efficient.

  • Your surgeon inputs your care plan into the app that assigns you tasks and reminder notifications to help you have a well-rounded surgical journey.

  • Your care team enrolls you in the app, helps you get set up, and explains it to you.

  • You are ready to use the app!