UroNav Fusion Biopsy System

Your urologist can now better detect suspicious prostate lesions and biopsy them with the UroNav prostate fusion biopsy system resulting in a more accurate and faster diagnosis. The UroNav prostate fusion biopsy fuses pre-biopsy magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with ultrasound-guided biopsy images in real time giving your urologist clear, highly detailed view of your prostate. This allows your provider to navigate and determine the exact location of the biopsy needle.


UroNav offers many benefits. Your provider can pinpoint suspicious areas more easily increasing the ability to find the cancer if it’s present. This may help reduce the number of tissue samples required during your prostate biopsy resulting in less discomfort, bleeding and risk of infection.
Additionally, you’ll receive your results faster meaning you and your doctor can discuss treatment options sooner. Often with cancer, the sooner treatment can start the better the outcomes.