Burn Care, Repair, and Reconstruction

We offer a wide array of burn care services at Faith Regional Physician Services in Norfolk, Nebraska. We offer care for disfiguring wounds and scars, and advanced reconstructive surgery. We treat emotionally and physically debilitating injuries to your face, limbs, or any area of the body.

In addition to restoring appearances, plastic and reconstructive surgeons repair complex hand and limb deformities and structural damage to muscles, bones, and nerves. Operating at the microsurgical level, surgeons work to restore lost sensation, strength, and mobility.

You or your doctor can consult a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Faith Regional to learn more. Our goal is to give you the best possible appearance and function.

How Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Helps

Acute burns require emergency treatment at a certified burn center. A Faith Regional plastic and reconstructive surgeon may provide early consultation and care in an emergency setting. Certain interventions can reduce scarring and prevent further damage.

Most plastic and reconstructive surgery services are part of a long-term plan for treatment once crisis conditions stabilize. For less severe burns and scarring, your surgeon may recommend outpatient treatment. For complex burns and trauma, Faith Regional offers high-level plastic and reconstructive care.

The Road to Restoration

Burn care requires many procedures over an extended time. Trauma from a burn can affect sensation or functions, from eating and talking to hand dexterity, range of motion, and even the ability to walk.

Your doctor combines many nonsurgical and surgical solutions to continually improve appearance and function. Physical therapy, psychological support, and other services at Faith Regional help renew strength, confidence, and hope.

As time goes by, scars continue to mature. New scars may emerge – especially in children who are still growing. Your surgeon may delay certain treatments until scars mature.  

Burn Care Procedures

At Faith Regional, we offer these and other plastic and reconstructive treatments:

  • Compression bandages – Tight bandages reduce sensitivity and position tissues. They keep heat and moisture in while managing fluid drainage and lowering infection risk.
  • Wound debridement – Burns require vigilant removal of injured or dead tissues. Medical methods protect healthy tissues, avoid infection and promote healing.
  • Complex wound care – Advanced wound care treatments protect and heal deep, open, or slow-healing wounds.
  • Scar contracture relief – Deep burns can create a scab that encircles the hand, neck, or other areas restricting blood flow and motion. The surgeon may relieve the pressure with incisions or tissue transfer.

Full-Spectrum Reconstructive Services

Your doctor combines aesthetic and reconstructive procedures to improve form and function. Examples include:

Our fellowship-trained hand surgeon has advanced transplantation experience. The doctor performs delicate hand and extremity operations. Your surgeon will treat the most complex muscle, nerve, skin, and bone injuries.

Faith Regional also offers specialty hand therapy and custom physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Risks of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

All surgeries have some risks, such as bleeding, infection, and reaction to anesthesia. Your doctor will inform you about risks related to your condition and procedures. The surgeon will discuss these and other possible complications:

  • Blood clots
  • Poor wound healing
  • Partial or total loss of flap in graft procedures
  • Loss of skin sensation
  • Numbness and tingling

What to Expect

The surgeon will tell you where to go on the day of surgery and how to prepare. Pre-surgery preparation includes a physical exam and other tests and evaluations. General steps may include:

  • You may receive antibiotics to reduce infection risk and medication to help you relax.
  • You may receive IV sedation or general anesthesia through a mask.
  • Your surgeon will operate as discussed in pre-surgery visits.
  • You may have full or partial thickness skin grafts. The doctor makes one or more incisions. The surgeon removes healthy skin and fatty tissues from an inconspicuous area such as the back of the thigh.
  • Using varied techniques, the surgeon moves and grafts or reattaches healthy tissue to wounded areas. The doctor may use free, pedicled (attached) or other flap procedures. For partial-thickness grafts, the surgeon uses a device that shaves a preset amount of skin for transfer.
  • For some procedures, the surgeon uses microsurgery to treat delicate nerves, blood vessels, and traumatized hard and soft tissues. The doctor will discuss details in pre-surgery visits.
  • If you have scar contractures, the surgeon makes incisions to relieve pressure or uses nearby tissues to replace the contracture.
  • The surgeon closes wounds and adds protective bandages.

 After Surgery

You’re moved to a recovery room for monitoring. When your condition is stable, you move to a hospital room for specialized nursing care. If needed, you may stay in ICU for close monitoring until your condition stabilizes.

  • The surgeon evaluates your condition and discusses wound care, home care, and recovery.
  • You’ll have swelling, redness, fluid drainage, and discomfort. Your doctor prescribes pain medication and other therapies to keep you comfortable.
  • Your doctor may discuss future procedures. Scar revisions are typically not done until scars mature after a year to 18 months.

Please report concerns or unusual symptoms right away. Your doctor will tell you what’s normal and what to report. For severe pain, you may see a pain medicine specialist. You’ll have 24/7 contact information.

Your Plastic Surgery Team

At Faith Regional, your plastic and reconstructive surgeon, a specialized nurse, and other healthcare professionals such as an advanced care practitioner may be involved in your care.

Dr. Mark Shashikant

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