Faith Regional Launches Epic for Greater Continuity of Care

The healthcare experience at Faith Regional has been enhanced with the launch of a new, nationally-recognized electronic medical record (EMR) software, Epic. The implementation, which occurred on October 5, 2019, consolidates many of Faith Regional’s electronic record systems into one, improving quality, enhancing the patient experience, and instantaneously safely sharing information with a myriad of medical providers across the nation.  

Whether it be a patient whose primary physician is in Norfolk and is seeing a transplant specialist at Nebraska Medicine or a family member who is in town visiting from California and unexpectedly needs to make a visit to the Emergency Room at Faith Regional; Epic’s ability to immediately transfer records between facilities who share the system creates a seamless continuum of care for those patients, improving patient safety and reducing duplication of services. 

In addition to providers, patients will also have easier, more convenient access to health record information through the One Chart | Patient Portal (also known as MyChart). One Chart I Patient is a free, secure, online portal, accessible using the app or website from a phone or computer. One Chart I Patient replaces Faith Regional’s previous patient portal, Health Connect, and will provide more services and convenience for patients such as the ability to view test results, update information, communicate with their care team, and manage appointments online.  Improvements to the billing system have also been made with this transition allowing for consolidated statements for Faith Regional Health Services hospital and Faith Regional Physician Services clinics, with access to online bill pay available through One Chart I Patient as well.

“We are excited to have Epic at Faith Regional. Epic is the number one rated electronic health record system and the most widely used in the world.  This means that we are bringing the best to our patients and the providers that care for them,” said Kelly Driscoll, President and CEO at Faith Regional Health Services.  “Providers will have access to the patient’s entire story which enhances care and outcomes. Patients will have real time access to their health information, fewer registrations and simplified billing. Epic means better care and a better experience for our patients.”

In Nebraska, Faith Regional Health Services is part of the Nebraska Medicine Community Connect EPIC network that currently includes Great Plains Health in North Platte, Mary Lanning Healthcare in Hastings, and Beatrice Community Hospital and Health Center in Beatrice.