Tummy Tuck

At Faith Regional Physicians Services in Norfolk, Nebraska, your skilled plastic surgeon performs tummy tuck surgery to trim loose or drooping skin around the belly. The doctor will also remove fatty deposits and tighten muscles to firm and flatten your abdomen.

Choosing a Tummy Tuck Procedure

Abdominoplasty is cosmetic surgery to improve appearance after abdominal changes caused by age, weight loss, pregnancy, or genetics. Less commonly, doctors perform abdominoplasty for medical conditions, such as hernia or stress incontinence.

Doctors don’t recommend a tummy tuck for weight loss. It involves removing just a small amount of fat. If you’re obese or have diabetes or other health conditions, doctors will advise other alternatives.

Your first consultation at Faith Regional is free of charge. During this visit, the plastic surgeon discusses your condition and goals. Your surgeon will consider your body size and shape, health, age and other factors. You’ll learn more about what to expect. Your doctor will show you illustrations or discreet before-and-after pictures from others who had procedures similar to what you have in mind.

At Faith Regional, we offer advanced 3D imaging technology. Your doctor uses pictures of you, taken at our office, to create realistic simulated images. You can see, discuss and fine-tune how you’d like to look after the procedure.

Mini Tummy Tuck and Other Options

If you don’t have a lot of extra skin and fat, a mini tummy tuck may be all you need. It requires fewer and smaller incisions. Treatment is faster, and you’ll recover sooner.

You may also want to discuss other cosmetic surgery options that Faith Regional offers to achieve your goals, such as:   

What to Expect if You Have a Tummy Tuck

During office visits, your doctor evaluates your health and check for underlying conditions.   Tummy tuck surgery is done at Faith Regional Health Services, which includes inpatient and outpatient services.

Before your scheduled surgery, be sure to report any health changes or concerns. Please ask questions any time, before and after procedures. We’ll provide you with 24/7 contact information.

Preparing for Tummy Tuck Surgery

Your doctor and healthcare practitioners at Faith Regional will guide you and provide personalized instructions. You’ll learn specifics such as where to park and check-in, and care details, such as when to stop eating and medicines to take or avoid.

Before surgery, your doctor gives pain medication and may recommend other medications, such as antibiotics. A nurse may insert an IV line into your hand or arm. If you have general anesthesia, the anesthesiologist delivers medication through a face mask to put you in a sleep-like state.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

On surgery day, your Faith Regional team will review procedures and answer any last-minute questions.

  • During a full tummy tuck, the surgeon makes a side-to-side incision across your belly button and lifts the abdominal skin. Other incisions of varied shape, size, and length depend on how much loose skin you have. Your surgeon may make a second incision around the navel to remove extra upper abdominal skin.
  • Your surgeon removes fat and tightens and repairs abdominal muscles.
  • The doctor pulls down upper abdominal skin, trims it, and sutures the remaining skin together, using stitches or other methods.
  • If it’s a full tummy tuck, the surgeon creates a new opening for your belly button, pushes the belly button to the surface, and sutures it into position. The doctor closes incisions using surgical thread, adhesive, tape, or clips.

After Tummy Tuck Surgery

Your doctor will discuss your expected recovery process and time.

  • After surgery, a nurse will help monitor your condition and care for you. Your doctor will examine your incisions and talk about the wound and home care and the recovery process. It’s important to follow instructions for safe, successful healing and results.
  • Expect some swelling and discomfort for a week or more. Your doctor will give you medication for any pain. Scars fade over several months, but some scarring will remain. You can ask your doctor about ways to promote healing and minimize scarring.
  • As the swelling goes down, you’ll see a flatter, toned stomach. Most patients report improved posture and find that clothes fit and look better.

Your Plastic Surgery Team

At Faith Regional, your plastic surgeon, a specialized nurse and other healthcare professionals such as an advanced care practitioner and aesthetician may be involved in your care.

Dr. Mark Shasikant

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